Mary Lou Buschi crafts elegant, dreamlike lyrics out of the fragments of disappearing memories and ruined worlds. Her leaps illuminate the charged midnights between images. With its surrealism of suburban childhoods and unstable sly truths, this Awful Baby floats above us all.

                                                           -Joanna Fuhrman, author of The Year of Yellow Butterflies.

Mary Lou Buschi's Awful Baby is a wonderful book. There are moments of light and moments of darkness in her poems and a diversity of worlds in a single voice. The interplay dazzles, the poems dance and never move far from a deeply-felt humanity. Charged with energy, humor and compassion, Awful Baby reminds us that what truly matters is not triumph but engagement with all that life presents to us.

                                                             -Pablo Medina, author of Cubop City Blues

Mary Lou Buschi earned an MFA in Poetry from Warren Wilson College Masters Program for Writers and a Masters of Science in Urban Education from Mercy College. She has taught in the SPS division of New York University and she has mentored new teachers through the Teacher’s College program at Columbia University. Mary Lou Buschi’s poems have appeared in many journals such as, FIELD, Willow Springs, Indiana Review, Four Way Review, Thrush, Radar, and Tar River Poetry. Her chapbook, The Spell of Coming (or Going) was published by Patasola Press (2013). Ukiyo-e, her second chapbook was published by Dancing Girl Press (2014). Currently, she is a special education teacher in the Bronx.