Someone out in the world today has been through or is going through the exact or similar challenge that you are experiencing now. The question is do you have the mindset to turn your wounds into the wisdom to take your life to the next level. This book is a reflection of all the books in the series with stories and insights from the heart.

 As you immerse yourself into the book, the various stories will speak and relate to you on different levels and bring into your awareness the challenges, decisions or choices you need to make, empowering you to take action and to do what is necessary for your own evolution and happiness. The Benefit of Challenge is the 6th anthology book in the ‘A Journey Of Riches’ book series filled with inspiring stories of people who’ve overcome adversity, dealt with minor setbacks, or experienced life-altering challenges, they share how they found their footing and learned to carry on and live a rich and abundant life.

The poignant real-life stories that will tug at your heart strings, make you want to stand up and applaud, and will truly resonate with where you are in your journey. Each inspiring tale is meant to serve as a reminder as you continue on your journey in life. 

'The ‘A Journey of Riches’ book series is a powerful collection of stories that will endear you to the strength of the human spirit, rekindling any spark within and turning it into the fuel you will need to live your life to the fullest"
 ~Goro Gupta, CEO of Empowered Housing and Global Investor

' The ‘A Journey of Riches’ book series is a inspirational collection of books that will empower you to take on any challenge or change in life. 
~ Kay Newton
Midlife Stress Buster and best selling author 

The Benefit of Challenge is the sixth book in the 'A Journey of Riches' book series and it is an inspirational read that will motivate you to take on any challenge in life. Make sure you grab your copy today! 
~Katrina Gulabovski
 Counsellor and best selling author